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Flamenco singer of Colombian origin. She pursued her music studies at the Superior Academy of Arts in Bogotá (District University), where she received training in music from Latin America and the Caribbean. Her experience as a flamenco singer was cultivated through her work with Raúl Gonzales ‘Numerao’, Anzor Mancipe, Mario Martínez and Diego Bejarano. She has performed in different venues and festivals in Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Cuba, Argentina, Dubai and Japan. In Colombia, she has offered flamenco and fado recitals in national theatres such as Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, Colón and Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogota, as well as the Imperial Theatre and the Javeriano Concert Hall in Pasto. She also participated in the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá, the Flamenco Festival of Medellín and the Performing Arts Festival of the Caribbean. She belongs to “L’Explose”, a performing arts company that recently toured in Brazil with the show “Honey is Sweeter that Blood”. They performances included the Festival de Artes Cênicas de Santos (Coliseu Theatre) and the Sesc Pompeia in São Paulo. 


In 2010, she launched her first album "Chispa Divina" (Divine Spark), where she presented a fusion of flamenco, pop and jazz elements in her own compositions. She also toured in Spain with pianist/musicologist Luis Gabriel Mesa Martínez and their Portuguese music project “Casa de Fado”. This included performances at the Barcelona Festival of Song, the Manuel de Falla Conservatoire of Cadiz, and the Interactive Music Museum in Malaga. As a teacher, she worked since 2014 for the ‘Luis A. Calvo’ Music Academy in Bogotá, and she currently directs her own School of Flamenco and Vocal Technique. 

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